The Minister of Transportation Instructs the BUMN in Transportation Sector to Employ Persons with Disabilities

The Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi, encourage his staff and related parties in transportation sector to open up employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This statement was issued by Budi after welcoming people with hearing impairment representative at the Ministry of Transportation Office, Jakarta, on 26 August, 2019.

“I have met five deaf drivers from Grab who provide inputs to the Government. They conveyed that many of their friends does not work, and they asked for support to create job opportunities,” explained Budi.
Budi said, the Ministry of Transportation is committed to facilitate disability so they could work in the transportation sector.

“I’ve explained that those who have been employed are the representation of our brothers and sisters with disabilities. They must be proactive. Therefore, I’ve asked them to select their colleagues for the job, both at the Ministry of Transportation as well as related stakeholders such as online motorcycle taxi companies or others. We gave them approval,” Budi promised.

Furthermore Budi said, at this time he have had instructed several SOEs in the transportation sector to accept people with disabilities in accordingly to them.

“I have contacted the Managing Director of PT Angkasa Pura II to accept persons with disabilities. They can be positioned in accordingly to them. For example, each BUMN (State-owned Enterprise) accept 5 people, so we have accommodated 50 employees with disabilities,” he explained.

He stressed out that the safety factor must be prioritized to maintain customer trust. For this reason, he continued, the tasks that were assigned to employee with disabilities will be given in accordance with existing capabilities.

“Surely the safety remains an important benchmark. We will give tasks that is within the safety limit so there would be no problems later on,” Budi said.

Budi believes that people with disabilities have the ability that he can facilitate. “What’s important is that we have a goal and a belief that it will work well. I am very happy to see that while they have some kind of limitation, they are still optimistic at work,” he added.

For information, currently the Ministry of Transportation has employed disabled people as ASN (State civil servant). (Ery)