Sriwijaya Air to Support in Translocation of Endangered Animals

As an airline that cares about environmental conservation, Sriwijaya Air is once again to support the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) program to translocate endangered species to various regions in Indonesia.

This program takes place in August 2019 and is carried out in stages in accordance with the needs of the KLHK.

Sriwijaya Air Vice President Corporate Secretary Retri Maya said that Sriwijaya Air was fully committed to being a national airline that was environmentally friendly. The translocation of endangered species is carried out in a sustainable manner by cooperating with various institutions and NGOs, one of them is the KLHK Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA).

“Sriwijaya Air has in recent years continued to demonstrate its existence and commitment to become an environmentally friendly airline by carrying out the translocation of endangered species to various destinations in Indonesia as a form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We will complete this commitment with typical Sriwijaya Air best service and free of charge,” said Maya said in her official statement on August 27, 2019.

Meanwhile, Head of the Jakarta KSDA Office, Ahmad Munawir, said that the Jakarta BKSDA welcomed the collaboration with Sriwijaya Air. He said that he felt very supported in translocating numbers of endangered animals into their habitat.
“Sriwijaya Air has shown a great commitment to environmental preservation and endangered species by waiving off the translocation fee for these endangered species to three destinations; Timika, Padang, and Ambon. We hope that this collaboration will continue,” he said.

The first endangered animals translocation was on August 14, 2019 with the final destination Timika. The endangered animals that will be moved to Timika from Jakarta are 61 Pig-Snout Turtles, to Papua KSDA Center as the final destination.
Other destinations are Padang and Ambon to translocate number of endangered animals such as Owa Ungko, Siamang, and Tanimbar Cockatoos.

Reported in bahasa by Ery