Questioning JT 610 Insurance and Aircraft Accident SAR Fund

The Center for Air Power Indonesia Study (PSAPI) once again addresses a big issue that has faded. The topic that get attention was about insurance related to compensation for victims of aircraft accidents as well as state budget replacement funds that had been used when carrying out search and rescue operations (SAR, Search and Rescue) for the victims.

PSAPI founder Chappy Hakim said that the topic was intriguing because it involved the humanitarian values of the victims and their families. On the other hand, he said that drained of the APBN funds in every SAR operations as a result of the aircraft accident certainly requires thiking on how to solve it.

This issue was originally sparked by Sofian Pulungan, an insurance expert, before the 8th PSAPI meeting held in the Minister of Transportation’s meeting room in Jakarta, on August 5, 2019. He mentioned that until that day the families of victims of the JT 610 accident (10/29/2018) still had not received the Rp1.25 billion compensation.

It is the fact. The family of one of the victims who was a state civil servant (ASN) and has not been identified yet, has not received the compensation yet. “We already have received compensation from Jasa Raharja, but we have not yet received the 1.25 (billion rupiah) compensation. Some others have received. Our administrative process has been completed and has been approved by a notary public. We have to sign R & D. And we wish to accept our rights without frills,” said the victim’s wife.

According to Chappy, the logical thinking in this case is in fact that the very large amount of budget for the needs of SAR aircraft accidents is not included in the state budget. “There, at this point (is the issue), how exactly the role and mechanism of the rules of insurance in force in the world of aviation internationally,” he said.

Sofian also emphasized that the funds for SAR could actually be replaced by insurance. “This is what the government has not done yet,” he said. It certainly requires further discussion so that all can be managed properly and correctly.
As Chappy also said, “Given that there have been quite a number of aircraft accidents in the past two decades that have claimed many lives, of course, it requires serious attention. Not only to the victims’ families, but also to the consumption of a very large budget in conducting Search and Rescue.”

Reported in bahasa by Reni Rohmawati