Lion Air Becomes the First A330neo Operator in the Asia Pacific

Lion Air airlines have received their first A330-900 fleet from Airbus. This was announced by the manufacturer in its official statement on Friday (7/19/2019).

The aircraft reception made the airline logo the Red Lion as the A330neo’s first operator in the Asia Pacific region.

“This aircraft is leased from BOC Aviation and is the first (unit) of the 10 A330neo which is set to join the airline fleet,” wrote Aibus in his official statement.

The A330neo will be used by Lion Air for direct long distance flight services from Indonesia. Its services include Umrah flights from Makassar, Balikpapan and Surabaya to Medina in Saudi Arabia.

The plan, the operation of the aircraft with a capacity of 436 seats (single class configuration) is to serve long-distance direct flights such as Umrah flights from Makassar to Medina and Jedddah, Balikpapan to Jeddah, Surabaya to Madinah, and Solo to Jeddah.

Previously, the Lion Air Company Strategic Communication, Danang Mandala Prihantoro, said in early May that Lion Air was also preparing to expand its tourism market to East Asia and South Asia to several cities in India.

“Lion Air will strengthen the development of the aviation business with the concept of low cost carrier (LCC), including adding long-haul flight services,” he added.

“Lion Air is optimistic that it can serve a variety of travel market sectors that require travel time of more than 15 hours,” he said.